Advent 2021

we did all the design and illustration for advent in MARCH this year, but we still have all the christmassy spirit.

this year for advent we took our little storymakers all over the world (well, to four different places around the world) to explore cultural traditions and ways of celebrating christmas! at each of the four locations (mexico, england, finland, and palestine) there's a pair of siblings to show us around and tell us all about the way that the christmas story is interpreted and honored in their land. 

for this zine i illustrated the cover, chapter headers, comics, craft directions, and coloring sheets. i also made some character icons for the skit dialogue (to the right!). setting the color palettes and other textural elements in each of the chapters came from studying the reality of each of the countries traveled to. 

i love this advent zine because it highlights both unity and uniqueness — christmas is celebrated all around the world, but in such beautifully different and equally amazing ways.

St. George's Day Blog Post Illustrations

Easter Digital Download

let's go on an adventure! i teamed up with mel, karen, rebekah, and kaylynn to bring this easter digital download together. 

for this project i designed and illustrated 4 interactive print-out maps for kids and 18 cut-out puppets so that kiddos could act out the story on their own. 

i also illustrated this lil guy to the left, Bao, who is the guide that accompanies you throughout your easter journey. all of Bao's sides are good but want to get on his best side? he loooooooves mochi. 

here's what's in the download:

— 4 Lessons: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter
— 4 Interactive Road Maps
— 4 Reflection Pages (Verses and Response pages
— Puppet Packet: 18 Characters and instructions

check it out on the storymakers store here!

scroll down to view some more of the project and other fun things i've created with the wonderful storymakers team

Advent 2020

here's me with the finished advent ii zine on the wonderfully colorful storymakers set!

this project is one of my favorites because i got to reimagine and illustrate Bible stories that i also read as a kid in sunday school. i got to work with a kick butt team that held diversity and inclusion, creativity and play, and humor as importantly as i did, which made this work all the more meaningful.

you can find my (and other amazing artists') illustrations here and also learn about storymakersnyc's amazing mission that is dedicated to finding new (creative, interactive, and inclusive ways) to share God's redemptive narrative found in the Bible with kids.


writing and direction: mel luna, founder @ storymakers
graphic design: karen weber, webers nyc
illustration: thats me!

Epiphany 2021

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