present day at the old water's edge & the new water's edge

manhattan's water's edge has evolved greatly over the past few centuries as the city has gone through industrialization (and deindustrialization), rapid expansion, and both residential and commercial development. this photo series aims to juxtapose the happenings at what used to be the water's edge and what is the water's edge now - the locations covered on the "old water's edge" side are columbus park (formerly freshwater pond) and canal st (formerly a canal) and the surrounding blocks, and the "new water's edge" are south street / seaport and the east river

columbus park serves as a community gathering space for people of many ages in the neighbor-hood and outside of it - many elders bus in from brooklyn, queens, and the suburbs to socialize, play cards & mahjong, and enjoy the bustling atmosphere of friendly competition.


all along the east river in the south st. / seaport area people from surrounding neighbor-hoods lounge on the benches and tables for some peace and quiet as they enjoy lunch or a good book, or feed the seagulls.

carts selling fruits and vegetables (and cakes, bamboo, and jade) line canal st. 


by the water's edge, as you follow the river south, more and more food options pop up - classic halal carts are joined by "trendy pop-up" food carts 

this is an ongoing project where i will be documenting the changes that are currently happening at both the water's edge and what was formerly the water's edge in lower manhattan - follow along with me!

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